“Burger Burger” Adventure

I was out for a stroll today in downtown London, Ontario, on “Richmond Row” as us Londoners call it. I’m always looking for a good burger joint. I saw this place called “Burger Burger™ ” many times while out walking down Richmond St. I saw them rated No. 2 in “The 50 Best Burgers in Canada” for 2019 via Big 7 Travel. I decided to give them a shot.

Burger Burger Logo
Burger Burger™ Logo

The restaurant itself is not too big. They have a small outdoor patio in the front via a garage door that faces Richmond St. and another in the back. The inside has a few long tables with stools.

The Burger:

The Richmond - Burger Burger
The Richmond – Burger Burger™
  • Name: The Richmond (full menu) ✅
  • Price: $12.14 incl. tax ❌
  • Prep: Fried on a griddle not grilled ❌
  • Patty: Thick Fresh Patty of Beef ✅
  • Bun: Brioche Style ✅
  • Toppings: Bacon ✅, Caramelized Onions ✅, Bacon ✅, Processed Cheese ❌, Hot Peppers ✅, and Ketchup❌. No BBQ sauce ❌

The Verdict:
Great name for a burger based on where the restaurant is located. Beef was fresh from what I could see, but given how greasy it was “Ultra Premium Quality” might also be referred to as medium/lean ground beef? The down sides for me. The price. It was fried not grilled. Call me old fashion, but I think burgers should be slightly charred by fire? No BBQ sauce as an option, and processed cheese slices aka American Cheese? If they slapped some old cheddar slices on here it would be a game changer. Was the burger tasty? Absolutely! Was it the best burger I’ve ever had, unfortunately no. The next time I go back, yes there will be a next time, 😛 I will definitely make it a combo.

The Rating: 8.2

Richard Baxant continues his search for the best burger in London … 😉

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