Schloss Eggenberg – Samichlaus Classic

I have been buying this Austrian beer now for the past 3 years in late December. For me, it is only sold in the LCBO. Cost: $5.30 CAD and seems like it is only available in select stores.

Only once a year, on 6 December, brewed in a complex process, this strong beer is a rarity. It can age for many years in the bottle and gain in complexity. (german)

This beer is concocted @ Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg in Vorchdorf, Austria. It claimed to be the strongest beer at 14%. I have had both of these batches 2015/2018 and both look & taste very different.

2015 – Samichlaus Classic

Dark amber colour with a fine head; aromas of malt, toasted grain, molasses, plum and dried fruit, with notes of caramel, chocolate and nut; sweet, full bodied, palate is smooth and warming, flavours of fruit cake, and molasses, notes of brown sugar, and prune; bittersweet finish.

2018 – Samichlaus Classic

Reddish-brown in colour, strong hints of prune, minimal head, and flanked by chocolate notes; sweet finish.

Final Notes…

As a result, I prefer the 2018 batch over the 2015 batch. The 2018 reminds me a bit of a port wine and because it is just plain delicious!

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