Samichlaus Classic – Schloss Eggenberg

I have been buying this Austrian beer now for the past 3 years in late December. For me, it is only sold in the LCBO. Cost: $5.30 CAD and seems like it is only available in select stores.

UPDATE: LCBO Cost: $5.25. Hey… 5Β’ off works for me πŸ˜‰

UPDATE2: LCBO Cost is back to $5.30 … and quantities are becoming limited in my area πŸ™

UPDATE3: LCBO Cost 2019 – $5.55 (initial price $4.20 per bottle)

UPDATE4: Not available at the LCBO for 2020 due to COVID-19 πŸ™

Only once a year, on 6 December, brewed in a complex process, this strong beer is a rarity. It can age for many years in the bottle and gain in complexity. (german)

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VMware Fusion: Cannot connect to a valid peer process – High Sierra

I ran into this error message the other day: “Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to”Β when loading some of my older development virtual machines via VMWare Fusion 6.x.

                 Richard … I don’t want to read … gimme the solution!

On goes the thinking cap. So what have I done recently that would stop making it work? So to give you some background, I have a mid-2012 Mac Book Pro pre-Retina and decided to upgrade to MacOS High Sierra from El Capitan (yes I know Mojave is available now). Soon after I doing this, I fired up VMWare Fusion 6.x and get the error: “Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to”. In comes Google to the rescue.

In this article, basically it was telling me this is what happens after upgrading to to High Sierra and after doing so you must upgrade to  a newer version of VMWare Fusion.  Unfortunately more articles pointed to the same conclusion. So… I had to get out my credit card and buy version 11. After purchasing, I downloaded the trial, upgraded version 6 to version 11 and applied the license key and loaded the new version. All fixed right? Wrong… I was still getting the error. Back to Google.

Then I found this on GitHubGist.  Finally a solution that worked! πŸ˜‰

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